[FR] Left/Right Locators - lock, and time duration

Hello. Left and Right Locators:

  1. Please allow a way to lock the Left/Right Locators so they cannot be slipped accidently once set. I often accidently drag them out of place while selecting new curser positions. Or possibly make it so a modifier key (ctrl?, shift?) is required to drag the selected range. I like the way we set the locator positions. I just don’t want them so easily dragged out of place once they are set.

  2. Please allow a way to show, at all times, the “duration time” between L&R Locators in minutes and seconds. When in Bars and Beats mode the locator duration should still be able to display in minutes and seconds. The format could be selectable like the Time display works, independent from the timeline format. It could be a optional for people who don’t want to use the real estate. For me, my clients always asks, “How long is that?”

Thank you, Nuendo is great
Jim Fox

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Agreed and agreed.


+1 for me on both!

And Me +1



+1 This is a frequent request for Cubase as well. Many people will be made happy by it’s implementation.

Yes please.