FR: Lines w/ ( ) and [ ] endcaps

Title says it all. I see this frequently in published books of psalms. Easy enough to fake for now, but native support would be nice too.

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 7.04.31 PM.png

(PS-- I’d also love it if the grand staff bracket was included in vertical lines as well!)

We’re not likely to add any default lines like this, but when an editor for line styles is added, you’ll be able to design them yourself.

Your desire to have a stretchable brace is well known, and well rehearsed on the forum.

Fair enough. Thanks.

I think the aspect that makes stretchable braces more complicated than brackets is that the contours of the brace (thickness, curves, overall width, even basic shape) change as the brace stretches, which makes it different than the case for brackets. This probably explains why implementation of stretchable braces is behind the other styles of brackets.