FR: Link Dolby Atmos downmix to Control Room

I understand it would probably be very resource intensive for the built-in Atmos renderer to provide re-renders.

However, one big boost to workflow would be:

  • make the Atmos downmix select-able by functions / buttons / shortcuts in the Control Room panel
  • improve the audio performance of switching the Atmos downmix - currently there is a half second gap and at least one audio click

Reasoning: When monitoring a full width Atmos mix it’s important to constantly check on other channel widths including binaural. Currently that means clicking in two windows one of which includes a dropdown list (another click). It should be a frictionless process both in the UX and audio performance.

Thank you!

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Thumbs up for faster access to the Atmos plug-in. So far, only the ADM tool is accessible via shortcut. Direct access/integration in the CR would be really helpful. There you can already switch through certain channel configurations/downmixes. This should also be possible for Atmos.

As far as re-rendering is concerned, I can’t imagine that Dolby will “give away” this function so quickly. Otherwise, no one will even buy the external renderer anymore. :wink: