[FR] Listen/Solo toggle preference. [solved]

Listen/Solo toggle preference. When pressing a solo button on a hardware controller it normally activates the [S]-solo button on the chosen track, soloes the track in the monitors AND the Cue Sends.

If there was a Preference setting to toggle the [L] and [S] buttons it would mean that a track could be soloed in the monitors but not interrupt whatever mixes are being sent to the Cue Sends.

Or is there already a way to solo a track in the monitors but not in the Cues Sends just by using the [S] buttons?

I am afraid that my suggestion isn’t much of a help because you work on a SmartAV Tango, but on my controller (a Euphonix MC Pro) I can choose whether the Solo button actually toggles the Solo state of the selected track(s), or the Listen state.

As a workaround (Welcome to Nuendo 8: the ultimate WDAW: Workaround Digital Audio Workstation) you could assign a key command to the command “Edit/Listen” and assign that to your SmartAV Tango?!

Niek/ Amsterdam


I was hoping to be able to do that on the Tango but have not been able to find a way to do it.

I don’t know where to start with key commands - I’ve never used them.

I could just use the mouse pointer to click [L] in the MixConsole, but it would be much more elegant and intuitive to be able to do it from the Tangos.


I was able to assign a [Listen] function to one of the Tango buttons. Now all I have to do is select a track and press the new [Listen] button on the Tango. I love it.

Simple pleasures are the best.