[FR] [lo] [loo] [loop] [looploop] atribute on Audio and Midi

As soon as a Midi or Audio Object would be set to be a loop, on the arrange window would mean that if i wanted to have for an entire song the same thing repeated i would simply drag the right side of it and extend it until i wanted to, no need to make duplicated or ghost copies.

In the midi editor there is a loop button that allows to select a region of it and plays this region content looping independently of the arrangement, but this just works while the editor is open, and so user will have to make duplicated or ghost copies. The concept should be shifted to the arrangement as i sugested and works really well on other DAWs. What do you think?

meanwhile i made a gif which shows the steps which i am talking about, and the final result should be a 1 bar looping until the 32 bar. No copies no nothing. Just a loop Property on the top like we have mute, transpose, lock, etc, predefault the loop lenght to the maximum. And the final result of what is done on the gif should be a 16 bar loop which has been worked in just a bar and then spread as many bars as we want. This should happen in both midi and audio :slight_smile:
Thank you

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