FR: Lock Duration is sticky

I looooooove Lock Duration. One small suggestion:

Sometimes I want to change the rhythmic value of a single note in a copied part, but just for that spot. What about having Lock Duration turn back on after entering a duration and single note value to continue mirroring the existing rhythm?

For example, I’m overwriting a section of 8th notes, and for one beat only, I want a quarter note. Pressing 6 breaks the Lock Duration.

Maybe it would be too confusing, but it mirrors how I expect most folks use Lock Duration: within an extended section. Thoughts?

EDIT-- I was thinking of something totally wrong. Ignore me, lol.

I would find this useful. Lock duration is so fast that it can take as long to change one rhythm as to input a page.

I’m not sure I see the benefit here. You can just hit L again after inputting one note of a different duration, no?

Of course. Just a suggestion. It’s a tiny additional keystroke that breaks concentration and adds up, but hardly a trial!

It shouldn’t still catch me out, but it does…