FR: Lock Force Duration on

It’s clear from this topic I started

that there is a need and a demand for being able to lock on the force duration function. I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to add an option for this to Dorico, would it?

Could we make this a feature request?

You can make the original topic a feature request by adding the feature request tag to it; there’s no need to start a new topic (and the original post in your linked thread basically is a feature request anyway).

And I’m sure there’s a saying about a puppy dying each time someone suggests that something in software development “can’t be that difficult”…


I see. Did not know.

I only dare to suggest it should not be difficult speaking as a software developer with 40 years experience (not intending to skite, just some background). I can’t imagine this breaking the whole architecture of Dorico and the Qt framework. And then. say it is difficult, it is still a worthy feature.

For some unclear reason Discourse will not allow me to delete my OP so I guess this topic will have to stand.

I expect that even an experienced programmer, unless he or she knows the code to be modified, cannot say whether a change is easy or difficult.

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Ease of implementation isn’t necessarily relevant, though. For an experienced user that leaves Force Duration on intentionally, sure, there are potentially benefits. For the casual user that leaves it on by accident there’s the potential for cluttering this forum with “why aren’t the global options working”-type questions, or worse, the assumption that Dorico’s broken. There’s also the question of priorities: even if they do decide to implement this, this is an area that works. There are other features that don’t yet exist at all.

So why bother to mention ease of implementation?

I would bet money that multiple members of the development team have read your previous thread, whether or not they’ve commented on it, whether or not you’ve tagged it as a feature request.


I agree.

The experienced user knows when to invoke forced duration, and hitting o becomes second nature. Also the experienced user knows they can easily save a few keystrokes by just copying repetitive ‘problem’ phrases and using lock duration to re-pitch them.

Have flagged topic to be deleted as it is just noise as @pianoleo indicates.

But we already have that “problem” with Insert mode, and live with it quite happily!