FR - long press on the keyboard

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I make so many mistakes when using the touch keyboard. Can I suggest that, like the iPad keyboard, you don’t commit the notes until your fingers leave the keyboard? that way you can hold it down and move your fingers around until you get the right notes. You could still put the notes up on the score as soon as the fingers connect, and update the score as the fingers move…

Another request is just a wider keyboard - unless I’m being dense, and can’t find a way to widen it?


Use the range selector (the smaller, full-range keyboard between the keyboard and the toolbar) to change the keys shown in the panel: the bright keys show the range, the shaded keys at each end control the top/bottom keys. You can drag those independently.

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Ah - thanks Lillie, that wasn’t immediately obvious to me. It makes it much easier to use with wider keys. Perhaps a visual cue that you can move the range? I still think a long press option would be cool.


Are the Dorico ipad keyboard range selectors able to be setup globally? Every time I import a new song they get reset and I have to manually slide them so I can see complete C2-C6 octaves (from C to C). Also the tempo slider gets reset to 120 when importing. Granted, I haven’t finished the 1000 page manual yet, so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious.

That is the ‘default’ tempo, in the absence of a Tempo Mark (or MIDI tempo data) in your score.

I’m afraid not, no: they are saved in the project, but always get defaulted to the same factory-supplied values for each new project.

And it is stuck at 120, yes? No way to change the default to something else (like 70 for practicing)? I realize I can just set the meter at the beginning of the flows manually, but I ask because I use the tempo slider when I convert the score from music xml to .dorico, and am proofing it (the score) to see how it sounds and whether I will keep it. Just a “nice to have” thing to skip an additional step (the extra steps accumulate when importing hundreds of songs to build up my library).