FR: Lyric-like entry method for Trigger Regions

First - to say a big thanks to the team for implementing the ability to adjust the range of the Dynamic Curve and the MIDI Trigger Regions. For my workflow, these two are a massive leap forward and have already made an impact.

Would it be possible to add a tiny enhancement to Trigger Regions and allow for sequential entry of notes where a space bar (or some other key) moves the popover to the next note?

I am using this to implement the recorded patterns (such as the 16ths Repetitions from OT Berlin Strings). Unless I missed it, it seems that right now I have to complete the entire sequence from the beginning to end on each note. For 24 bars of quarter notes with a single tremolo stroke, the current input method takes a very long time.

Thank you.

My current plan is to add a command that will allow you to select a bunch of notes and convert them to MIDI trigger regions, which I think should be a quicker way to achieve the same end result.


Hi, Daniel. Are you saying that it might be possible to use a key command to convert the entire selection like below to trigger regions (with identical note names)?

Wow, that would be an amazing time saver! Thank you!

Yes, that’s the basic idea. I’m unsure how I’ll handle tuplets (I might try and approximate the tuplet durations, or simply skip those notes) but for simple passages of notes it should be able to do a decent job.

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Trying to imagine how this feature might be integrated in a workflow similar to mine.

For example, in a scenario where this is used to trigger different types of samples using velocity values, it would be ideal to start the Trigger Region at the caret, along with inputting the notes themselves via the MIDI keyboard. This would work similar to inputting dynamics and would create the regions themselves and their note values. So, in a single pass I could input the notes, dynamics, accents, the trigger regions and their note definitions.

Then a second pass at this passage (via a key command, like you mentioned) to input the velocity values for the Trigger Region notes (for example - velocity 5 for recorded tuplets and velocity 100 for recorded triplets). I haven’t fully grasped the potential implications of Trigger Regions for layering but regardless of how this ends up being implemented - thank you for this feature!