FR: lyric line and text item move by same amount

In Engrave mode, I often need to work with combinations of lyrics and text items. This is mostly for workarounds, although there are so many different combinations of possible use cases involving lyrics that I don’t see this ever going away.

I can align the baselines of text and lyric items, but if I wish to change their vertical offsets after the fact, Alt-arrow moves them by different amounts (lyrics move by larger amounts than text items). Is this intentional? If not, is it something that could be changed? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. In fact lyrics always move by a fixed distance, which will appear larger or smaller depending on the space size in that layout, while other items move by distances defined in fractions of spaces. But I agree that greater consistency is needed here, and I’ve made a note of this as something for us to improve in future.

Thanks Daniel!