FR: Lyrics export with syllabification

There have been several times when I’ve wished Dorico would let me export lyrics with the hyphens in place that divide the syllables (like Finale does).

I searched the forums, and did not see this anywhere as a feature request, so – unless I missed something – maybe I’m the only one who wants this feature. But, if that’s the case, why does Finale have that feature?

I don’t know how easy it’d be to implement this, but since the hyphens are already in there, it seems to me as if it would not be a major undertaking.


If it’s any help — You can select a line of lyrics with Select More, copy and paste elsewhere, and that preserves the hyphens.


Probably because it’s simpler to provide the lyrics as they exist in the document, rather than clean them up for export.

What do you use the hyphenated text for?

I put the hyphenated text in a word processing document for the editor to check the syllabification. It’s easier for the editor to mark up a text document than the a PDF of the score from Dorico.

EDIT: This is for Lithuanian text, so a native speaker needs to check the syllabification.

Finale defaults to not including the hyphens, IIRC. But one can put put a tick in a box and the hyphens will be preserved.

I did not know that. Thanks!

Wouldn’t it be easier to get the correct syllabification before entering the text?

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If you select a lyric and use the Edit Line of Lyrics dialog (from a right-click) you should be able to select the lot and copy and paste it elsewhere, hyphens intact.

The beauty of using Edit Line of Lyrics is that you can copy and paste your revised text back, in one go. (Providing it has the same number of syllables.)


I don’t think so. But the workflow used to get those lyrics into Dorico could explain why someone like me does not need it: I start writing the lyrics with the hyphens in a text document (TexShop), so the first text I have is the hyphenated one. I suggest you do the same, because it’s really faster than inputting lyrics in Dorico, all you have to do is select the text and go through every note with Paste, space bar or right arrow (for grace notes). It’s a good proof-reading tool as well. And you can send that text to your editor if needed. And of course, should there be any corrections to make, the Edit Lione of Lyrics is the tool. My 2 c.

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I use a variant of Marc’s system. Once I have finalized the lyrics (whether my own or a traditional text), I run them through a lyric-hyphenation program and paste both hyphenated and unhyphenated lyrics into a text document.

I then can copy/paste hyphenated lyrics into Dorico and refer to the unhyphenated lyrics as a reference while composing or for other purposes such as some synth-voice utilities (emVoice, Synthesizer V, EW WordBuilder) that use the lyrics without hyphens.

FWIW I would also find this useful. In fact, I put in a FR request for this last June.

Well, yes, that would be great. But the language of the hymns is sometimes being updated as we go, and sometimes the normal or best-practice process is not possible.