[FR] Lyrics Pad in Dorico

Hello dear Dorico team,
I would like to a small, but very useful feature called Lyrics Pad.
We are adding the Lyrics directly on the score sheet, which is great.
For the needs of the Oratory and Opera, we have to create subtitles with, or without translation of the lyrics. Here the Lyrics Pad will be a very helpful tool, a simple text editor/reader where the lyrics will appear as normal text without the word connection dashes, or bottom lines for prolonged singing with some options to change the overall letter appearance.
Such feature will allow us to easily open the lyrics inside the selected area, or flow as plain text and copy it into a text editor for the purposes of the Opera.

Studio One 6 already has similar feature which can serve as a good example for what I’m asking for:

The Lyrics Pad could be synchronized to show the “active” text the same way as it works in S1.

I hope such feature could be integrated in the near future! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

As you know, we can already export lyrics, although as you rightly observed, the hyphens are retained. I requested the ability to export with and without hyphens a little while ago. The latter would indeed be very useful.


Hi James,
Yes, I know about the Export > Lyrics function, which is a great one, no doubt.
My point is in a bit different direction. Something similar to the one in Studio One.
If you collaborating with a librettist, lyricist, songwriter or singer, would be an advantage if you have a Lyrics Pad window where lyrics could be followed in a normal font size, while you are following the whole conductor score. Jumping backward or forward just by clicking the desired lyric text would be pretty useful if you are working with people who are not familiar with, or fluent at reading score sheets, but are pro class singers. Actually most of the educated singers worldwide aren’t fluent at reading scores.
The Lyrics Pad has it’s advantages and deserves to be integrated in Dorico. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

When I export lyrics using File > Export > Lyrics, the hyphens are not included; and that’s what the Help pages say will happen. If you want to include the hyphens, you can copy from Edit Line of Lyrics.

This feature provides lyrics, at the position of the notes, in a DAW. We already have that with actual lyrics underneath the notes. I don’t see what need this addresses in Dorico, where the words are already visually displayed. Possibly, being able to navigate to a syllable from the Edit Lyrics dialog might be useful.

Really? How do you define “educated”, if not being able to read a score? You won’t get far at any College, Conservatory or University as a first-study singer, if you’re not fluent at reading.


Whoops. You’re right. I must have requested the reverse for editing reasons.

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