FR: lyrics retain manual spacing after small edits

When I add a comma to a lyric, or correct a spelling, the manual spacing adjustments I’ve made get reset, both to the lyric horizontally, as well as the note spacing on either side of it (if the spacing was tight).

Since these sorts of corrections often happen later in the editing process, after spacing has been carefully set, I’d be greatly helped by the spacing not being readjusted. I can understand the spacing being reset if the lyric is deleted and re-entered, but usually I’m just changing a character or two. In fact, even if I open the popover and close it without making changes, the spacing will reset.

Thanks for considering!

Unfortunately this is difficult to do in general, because when you change the text of a lyric, you are actually replacing the lyric altogether rather than editing it. It would obviously be nice to retain properties under these circumstances, but it’s not trivial to achieve,