FR: Major Overhaul of Metering Options

I love the metering section for Cubase’s Stereo Out. But I’d like to see big improvements in the metering elsewhere in Cubase.

(1) IMHO, we need the following options for ALL channels (not just the main Stereo Out):

• Peak metering (as now). This is essential for input channels, though of less use elsewhere IMO (as we have TP meters for the Master out).
• VU metering (Could alternatively use Momentary Loudness, or offer both options).
• Choice of summed (mono) or dual mono meter display for stereo tracks.
• Gain reduction metering (ideally on the whole channel’s signal chain) (As in Pro Tools and Studio One).

…and while we’re at it, why not add a dynamic range metering option here too? Less essential but it would be cool.

(2) We need to be able to calibrate the legend/markings, so that we can specify at what -dBFS level we want 0VU.

(3) I’d like to be able to display multiple meter types on each track — use narrower meters to make it possible.

(4) I’d like the option to show a ‘clip’ LED at every insert slot on the MixConsole, so we can see at a glance on the MixConsole where plug-ins raise the level too much. Though I call it ‘clip’ this should be user-configurable for peak or average levels. Three-colours, with user-configurable levels for each.

(5) I’d also like the ability to show/hide a small horizontal stereo correlation meter next to the panner, immediately above the level meters. Just a basic one, as in Voxengo Span. Make it easy to spot the source out-of-phase components on large mix projects.

(6) I’d like to be able to set the MixConsole’s Meterbridge and the main channel meters to display different things.

Seems to me this would be a fairly simple but very worthwhile improvement.

It would also be great if the settings could be per mixer view now the views are linked.