[FR] Make all line tools available from the Tool Popup menu

I find myself switching between parabola and linear lines quite often. It’s annoying that you can’t change the line tool to a parabola in the popup menu when you right-click and bring up the tool selection shown in the image above.

I like your idea :slight_smile:.

Yes, I’d like the Popup Toolbar to be customiseable as well, but in my case to be able to select the comp tool.

You can switch between them. Select the line tool.
Right click again and select it again > you get the logarithmic curve,
select it again > you get the sine and so on

yea +1 for customization. however, there are key commands you can assign for specific tools.

Too much clicking though. One click should be all that’s required.

+1 for a customizable Popup Toolbar!!

Oh snap!! You CAN switch tools in the Toolbar Popup menu.

You just need to click AFTER you right-click and that gives you all the options just like with the regular Toolbar. Basically, you right-click (and hold), then hover to the line tool and left-click it. You’ll see the options of the other shapes there.

Pretty cool! Now we just need a customizable Popup Toolbar :slight_smile:.

Sucks that I have a 1 button mouse. I can’t even try it. Damn Magic Mouse!

Yes, we can.

Wtf??? Go to preferences and define a rightclick for the right side.

The Magic Mouse and the Mighty Mouse are NOT 1-button-mice. :wink:

I meant physical button.