FR: make Audio Export window resizable

Dear Nuendo team,

it would be highly appreciated to be able to resize the audio export window.
Right now it is impossible to read longer track names in the middle column when selecting multiple tracks.

+1000 for this! Same with the Cycle Marker names! Why is the Export window suddenly locked like this? :frowning:


This is my number 1 complaint. I need to stay on Nuendo 8 until this is resolved. Some of my projects have a couple thousand, lengthy cycle marker names for game assets.

I am checking the Steinberg website every day for a 10.2 update that finally addresses this.

yeah. would be real nice!!



Yeah, just encountered this with cycle markers. It seems to be an oversight as I can scroll sideways in the section with the multiple channels. This really needs a quick fix!

Lovely, the new update 10.2 has fixed the problem!Thank you, Steinberg!