[FR] Make Folder Event Details Exportable Like Events

For exporting a large number of game sound effects, where each sound effect is built from multiple tracks, I’m still searching for an effective way of exporting them in one go from one project.

Currently the only way of exporting many multi-track sound effects in one go is by enclosing them in cycle markers, naming those markers and exporting them with their cycle marker names. This works, but there’s always the extra step of creating the cycle marker and naming it. Also, this results in a very long sausage project, as there can only be one sound effect at any position in the project, otherwise the sound is mixed together with other sound effects and you get a mess.

I really like the ability to export selected events, as you can route it through the channel strip or even the master channel with a master limiter. To organize a project with dozens of multi-track sound effects more effectively, I’d really like to work with folders. Put similar sound effects into a folder, close the folder and you have a clean project.

Also, have multiple sound effects at the same time position. This means you can have all sound effects at the beginning of the project and you don’t need to hunt for them at minute 54.

At the end, I would just close all folders and remaining would be the Folder Event Data clips. I would select all Event Data clips and export selected events. This would intelligently mute all other tracks and only solo the tracks within the folder, make a time selection per folder event, and export the master channel to a file with a naming convention that would take the name from the folder.

This would speed things up SO MUCH.

Thanks for considering.