FR : Make into voice?

Hello !

So I’m working on some drumming stuff, and I was thinking a good feature would be a “Make into voice” option : sometimes we need to beam together some elements for the simplicity of notation whereas sometimes they need to be on separate voices and beamed with other elements (like for instance depending on whether you play a fill based on linear approach or a groove based on multiple elements being played at the same time), and right now the only way to deal with that if I’m not mistaken is to create a custom drumkit, duplicate some elements and assign them to different voices with different default stems then cycle through them when inputing notes.

It would be great to just select a bunch of notes/elements and be able to make them into a voice in which they’re beamed together rather than creating multiple versions of different elements !

Thanks, and hoping the team would consider this in the future :slight_smile:

If you select two notes and right-click, you can choose to beam them together (I can’t remember exactly which submenu but it is there).

Is this what you mean?

Yeah I had already tried that, but it doesn’t work for drums if the elements are not specifically created for the same voice