[FR] Make Marker Window "Focus Independent"

For lack of a better term. The issue:

You select a marker from the window to navigate. Cursor goes to the right spot on the timeline in the project window.

However, the project window must be clicked on to bring it in focus. I think we should be able to directly jump from Markers Window navigation into focus in the project window without additional clicking (or enduring the deeply annoying beeps that indicate that we haven’t done so).

A little thing that would streamline workflow in a logical and speedy way. Anybody agree?


Selfishly, it would really speed up the marker-naming macro Fredo gave me some time ago… as it is, using it, I make the marker, the macro takes me to the Markers Window for naming, and then I have to click on the Project Window to repeat; the only part of the process that’s not automated. In a project with hundreds of markers this adds to repetitive stress! Stuff adds up!


Ok, maybe it’s just me. :sunglasses:

Well… I s’pose enhancing the macro engine to include system-level commands like “return” and “tab” and “click” could help with this kind of problem… but that would be another FR thread.

Really, nobody stumbles over this Markers Window thing? I’m that special?