[FR] Mark comments as "solved"

I’m doing some editorial work which involves some back and forth score exchange between me and the client. We’re using the comments feature to pin-point some problems, and that’s great. However, I miss a feature à la Google Drive which allows to mark comments as ssolved without actually deleting them. This would take them out of the way, but allow me to check them later if I need to revisit these notes in case of necessity.

For the time being, I’m going to export them (another cool feature) to have a log.


This is a great idea.

As an aside, I would love it if more people here on the forum would mark their own threads as solved when someone provides them the answer they’ve been looking for. Many, many threads are solved but only few are marked so. This feature doesn’t work for longer threads that take twists and turns, but for short ones where forum members point someone to a specific solution it does.


That’s very true, @Romanos401 !

And while I’m at it, I’d suggest another neat feature: Highlight the comments in the score with a very short animation when you select them in the panel. This is a thing I wish I had when I worked in Sibelius. When I click the comment, the page shifts showing the comment on the screen, but sometimes I cannot locate it immediately. A little and discrete flashing effect would allow me to locate it instantly.

And at last, I noticed that, at least, one of my comments didn’t show up in the score when it belonged to an instrument that was condensed. I’d suggest that all comments should be kept in the condensed version no matter what.


Agree with this Romanos - I’m ashamed to admit I couldn’t find a way to mark it as solved last time. I tried clicking “solution” on one post but still didn’t look solved…

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That should do it. It doesn’t shut the thread down or anything, but then there’s a checkbox on the main page next to the title of the thread.

It also pins the solution to the thread at the top for anyone new who visits it.

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