FR: Mass edit info on all projects

I recently changed my name. This can be a common occurrence for a newly-married person or a transgender person. I have somewhere around 30-40 files that have my old name on them. It would be great to have an editor to change info or set info on all project files. This would make changing one’s name far easier!

That’s sort of an interesting idea! With jpeg images, the EXIF data is readable without opening the image, and there are plenty of free editors that can batch edit EXIF data. No idea if this could potentially be possible with Dorico, but if the Project Info data could somehow be readable outside of Dorico, it might present some interesting opportunities for batch processing.

The easiest way would be if a Dorico Lua script could set the new name to Project Info, and then (presumably) Export a PDF.

Sadly, I can’t see a way of setting the Info fields with the Lua commands available.