[FR] Media bay preview channel and plugins

I posted this up on the old board also, but just finished a job that this feature(s) would have been huge on…

Media bay search returns appear to play through the control room mixer whether it’s activated or not, sort of a hidden channel. Sometimes when auditioning sounds or trying to get some lucky sound design going… i’ll put some weird plugs in my control room’s insert bays… get some weird sounds from places I wouldn’t expect and it’s cool. But I have to manually repeat the process once the file is in my session. and a batch process doesn’t really help because you can’t get in there and edit the individual processes in the history. I thought, it would be awesome to just be able to print these…


Media Bay preview channel strip, with plug in inserts and fader…
–I can level my search returns through a fader channel just like on the mixer
–I can choose what format my preview channel will be in, mono, stereo, surround etc right there in the UI
–I can preview my search returns through any plug in, including surround formats, pre or post fader
–I can select a routing for my preview channel to play through whatever group or output I’m working with at that time via the UI just like on the mixer. so I can hear stuff in real context
–I can select an option to transfer my search return into the project, printed with insert plug ins - and level set via the preview channel strip. What would be extra awesome is if the plug ins were included in the transfered files offline process history.
– no limitations on channels, meaning, If I have a mono sound, playing through a stereo plug or a 5.1 one verb. I want to be able to print a stereo or surround audio file into my session

I was a longtime sound miner user before media bay. It took a little getting used to, but truth be told, I haven’t touched sound miner in a long long time and will probably sell it. These features would be amazing for sound design and editing. I really really want this.

Anyone else want this?

I want that. Good idea!

Really? just me and dog and pony?