[FR] Media Bay search hierarchy ... Grrrh!

In the Media Bay hierarchy nesting, All Media branches first to ‘Local Hard Drives’ and then to ‘VST Sound.’

If you have very large media collection, i.e., midi files and audio clips/ loops, then before the search reaches your VST Sound folder, it navigates through all of your nested media underneath your ‘Local Hard Drives’ branch.

If you don’t have any or much media, this is no problem … but if you do, it’s horrible.

Why? I only occasionally am searching through the Media Bay, auditioning various things I might want to use. I am always looking for VST Sounds/ presets while I am using Cubase. I don’t want to wait 15 to 20 seconds or more for the preset windows to populate, something I don’t mind when using the Media Bay to get to a folder for specific files.

I want the software to always search VST Sounds first and then go to my ‘Local Hard Drive.’

How do I know it is this and not a system problem? Well if I go and change the extension of a media bay database, it immediately creates a new, really small one and all my VST Sounds are ‘zippy’ and immediate, since the database is small as I have not yet instigated a search through the hard drives for media.

Please. Would this really be so hard to implement? Search VST Sounds first and then go to local hard drives?