FR: Merge mono to stereo tracks (and vice versa)

Is there any chance we can see this feature in Cubase? I know it’s possible considering this feature already exsists in Nuendo 5.

Could really be an asset…but I’m not really willing to spend $650 to upgrade my Nuendo 3 to v5 since the distributor talked me into going with Cubase (yeah, crazy huh?!) because I don’t really use the post features anymore!

Please don’t make me beg!

How about merge MIDI track and audio parts, does any of that exist?

Euhm… what ? You’re asking to merge midi-tracks en audio parts ?

Midi = musical data
Audio = what you hear

You can’t merge those… Why would you want that ? :S

+1 on the mono/stereo feature though. I hate to receive 2x mono files, make a group channel, pan 1 mono track left, pan 1 mono track right, route to group channel and use batch export. This is just a silly way of working with audio.

wHHHHHHAT??? You’re kidding right!!! :laughing: I really hope you are…

The following might sound all strange to you but I’ll try to explain. Please correct me if you have any contrary opinions:

I started using PC as a DAW with a piece of software called SAWPro. I never even tried out other DAWs back then in the 90’s. Just didn’t even know about them. But anyway: it did NOT have a separation between MONO and STEREO tracks to begin with. Sounds strange? Well read on, I don’t think that’s strange at all:

It basically had a switch for with which format you want to record (mono or stereo) and the SAWPro would then just add the events on the track by which format there are. The audio track is an audio track and the file itself would determine how it should be played back (or handled).

So when I jumped into this cracked Nuendo 3, I immediately started to wonder about having these MONO and STEREO audio tracks. Why should we have those to be separate at all? Do I really have to record to a separate track if I want to record as stereo? I mean, why not just set that from the Transport panel. I click STEREO and then it would record as stereo - and one audio track could have events, some MONO and some STEREO.

Think about it! Fundamentally, what is the reason beyond having to have MONO or STEREO tracks? Shouldn’t the actual audio data determine that?!?! And don’t just think like “oh noooo” without thinking about this for half a minute.

The weird thing is, that you CAN mix the mono and stereo tracks in Cubase already; just record with a MONO track and then move the MONO audio event onto STEREO track and it WILL REMAIN MONO and show up as like. But I guess when you’d move a STEREO audio event onto a MONO tracks it would be played as MONO. But why, why why???

I really can’t understand the meaning of the separate mono/stereo audio tracks. I do however understand that FX tracks and Group tracks have to be either way. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty sure that someone out there shuts me up with some very good point. But the truth is, I never had anything that I couldn’t do with this tiny 2MB size software called SAWPro because it didn’t have separately formatted MONO/STEREO audio tracks. That’s why it was kind of a surprise to me finding them from Nuendo/Cubase.

And if someone yet couldn’t understand this… I’m trying to explain the the tracks can be simultaneously MONO or STEREO - only determined by the audio material ITSELF. OK? :wink:

EDIT: Please write here a scenario, explaining the situation where it would be absolutely necessary to have separately formatted MONO / STEREO audio tracks, and then I’ll shut up on the issue :mrgreen:

Ok so now you’re a convert :slight_smile:

:laughing: I meant a feature where you can select two midi or two audio tracks and merge them, with the latter only possible if there are no conflicts, ie where audio parts that occur simultaneously, except for mono

BTW I thought all Finns were rich

I’m not rich either! But I’m gonna be someday :laughing:

Sorry I didn’t understand that merge thing at all… No offense in anyway :slight_smile:

No but the only 3x version that is available for unrestricted use is called Cubase.

My personal problem:
I want to use immediately and automatically without effort STEREO-Insert-FX on MONO-Channels(WAVs)!
e.g. recorded Monoguitar with Stereo-Phaser, Snare with Stereo-Delay, or Vocal with Stereo-Hallroom, or a Synth with Chorus blabla etc.)
Or: mono fx directly on stereo-wavs (!)

→ W-I-T-H-O-U-T dragging (mono)regions to newly created stereo-tracks!

Why we not can have only (!) stereo channels? switchabel to mono (on demand)?

I want to edit ONE side of a stereo-WAV in the cubase audio window!

I want a “STEREO → L/R MONO” (Split Stereo, ProTools etc.)
and a “L/R SPLIT → STEREO” convert tool in cubase!

I’ve been wondering about this also, that why the stereo FX can’t be done working on a MONO track! This exactly my point with the unnecessary separation between MONO/STEREO audio tracks. These are JUST the type of annoying problems that you encounter with this current technology.

If the audio track is just that: an AUDIO TRACK WITH NO STUPID SEPARATION these problems would be overcome and one wouldn’t have to scratch head to make them work. We could like forget about these kind of problems altogether!

Also those other things that you mentioned… I mean, they are pretty self-evident things to be featured in a professional DAW. This is weird how Steinberg has overlooked these…

Hey, Steinberg, what do you think about this?

I should have been more clear! This is exactly what I was talking about. Nuendo 5 has this feature!!! I think that since Steinberg (or at least their disributors) has been pushing Cubase as its main app for “professional audio production” it makes no sense to leave out this feature that is clearly necessary for us professional audio users.

Ok I’m starting to beg!