[FR] Midi cc Learn functionality for external controller.

Are there any plans to develop cc control codes for assignable controls (faders, sliders, transport, buttons) for Cubasis and Micrologue and Micro Sonic? It would be great to be able to manipulate the controls using a controller keyboard. On second thought it would be more flexible if functionality was added to allow the user to teach Cubasis what control they want to assign to which fader, knob, button, etc. in the app like in the Z3TA+ synth app by Cakewalk.

I’m new to the forum. If there is already a thread for this subject I apologize…I haven’t done an exhaustive search.

I’m using a iPad Air, Focusrite iTrack Dock, and Novation Impulse controller.

Hi tmikeyt101,

yes, we have that already on our list of feature requests. :slight_smile: