[FR] MIDI through (on different channel)

Hi Cubasis users (and makers)

Thanx for a fantastic app, making an iPad the closest, you ever came to a fully portable DAW !

One small problem:

Trying to set up Cubasis for recording from Chordpolypad (a chorder-app) through Cubasis (by switching “through” on for this track) for recording the chords in Cubasis, to iPiano (playing the chords).

It works fine, as long as I set the output channel from Cubasis to same channel as input (in this case: Chordpolypad chn. 1). However, changing this to another channel in Chordpolypad (reflecting this in Cubasis by changing input channel to the same channel number) while still outputting (“through’ing”) to iPiano on channel 1 gives me no sound in iPiano, though still recording the notes (chords) in Cubasis.

Same thing happens if you output on channel 1 from Chordpolypad and try to set iPiano to receive on channel 16. Even though you set the through’d output to iPiano chn. 16 (on the track in Cubasis) you get no sound, however, as soon as you change output from Chordpolypad to 16, iPiano plays fine through Cubasis.

It seems that once the input channel is set, Cubasis only “throughs” on that, which would be an error. It should output the “through’d” signal on the output channel set in Cubasis, shouldn’t it?

Will this be corrected in comming versions?



Hi Tia,

please note that Midi thru in Cubasis does not support channel remapping.



Something you consider for a future releasen, maybe?

We have it on the list…