[FR] MIDI tracks - dropping in

I would really like to see a MIDI record mode which behaves in the same way as Audio. As far as I know, there isn’t one at present.

What’s missing is the ability to drop into record on the fly, so that up to the drop-in, the existing MIDI plays back (with Lanes, the bottom lane) but after the drop in, that lane is muted, leaving only the new take being played.

The existing MIDI record modes don’t cater for this.

‘New Parts’ records to a new lane but doesn’t mute the last lane after drop-in.

‘Merge’ records the new track inside the last lane but one (second to bottom lane) - for the life of me I can’t see why it doesn’t merge it with the last lane, but anyway that’s not what I want.

‘Replace’ replaces the notes in the last take but one (why not the last take??) but erases ALL the previous lanes. I don’t want to lose what’s in the previous takes.

At present the nearest I can get is to hit * record at the drop-in point and mute the last take at the same time with the mouse, which is a right fiddle.

Anyone else like to vote for this, or is there a workaround I haven’t found?


You can do this in the MIDI Cycle Record Mode with the Stacked settings. But this doesn’t work in the MIDI Record Mode, when you just drop-in to the record.