FR: MIDI Transposition Immunity

With hundreds of MIDI tracks triggering a large sample palette, it would be priceless to designate non-pitched tracks (drums, perc, loops etc.) as immune to transposition. That way the user could easily “select all” within a range and transpose at will, without the non-pitched tracks getting messed up.

For now, I’ve created a fairly elaborate PLE / Macro workaround, but it would be much more elegant as a built-in feature. Possibly a MIDI plug that filters transposition?

Or, extending the “Lock” functionality to specifically include transposition?

Played around with this a bit and maybe there is something easier than your elaborate workaround.

If you lock a MIDI Part as “other” it will prevent you from Transposing those Parts. However if you select this locked Part along with some unlocked Parts it will prevent any of them from Transposing - even the unlocked one. But you can create a simple PLE to select only the non-locked Parts

Media Type Is | Equal | Midi


Transform = Select

Upon further exploration it seems like simply locking the Tracks for your drum and other non-transposing VSTi’s should do what you want. If I lock a Track all the Parts on the Track also show as locked. Select one of those Parts and Transpose is grayed out on the Info Line and cannot be changed. Doing it this way lets you select both locked and unlocked Parts but only change the unlocked ones (unlike locking at the Part not Track level).

Of course this means unlocking and relocking the Track to make changes. I’d probably come up with a Track naming scheme that would let me use a simple PLE to lock and unlock all the non-transposers at once.

Thanks for the reply and effort, raino :wink:

Having poked around most of this prior to my original post, it became clear the PLE and Lock options did not handle this the way I’m requesting; hence my request for a simplified function.

LOCKING tracks is a broad stroke; taking away too many other necessary features (copy/pasting, opening editor windows [unless that’s a bug] etc.). And, my test of this did not exclude it from Transposition.

PLE is what I already solved, but it’s a duct tape and staples solution (I add “(tx)” to every track I want excluded from Transposition).

Happy to try any other idea :wink: