FR : Midistretching and -compressing (by dragging) within the pianorol editor

Not the same as “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” on a midi part.
That one is possible in the Arrangement / lane view.

I would like to have the equivalent of Ableton Live’s midi stretching-by-dragging.
The advantage of this is :

  1. you don’t need to leave the editor focus, no need to cut a part first in order to stretch some notes
  2. you’re not limited to stretching all notes within a certain Range, you can select only those notes (both in time&pitch axis) you want to be stretched, and leave all other notes in place.
    Especially useful when you have multiple lines within a part.

I even would settle for a “select”, then enter start and end position Macro or something.
Real time-saver !!