FR: Minimum distance between lyrics and items *below*

In Engraving Options, the setting for minimum distance of lyrics from items only applies to distance above lyrics. Could there be a setting added for distance below the bottom-most lyric line? In the example below, the only way I can see to add more distance between the lyrics and the piano staff is manual adjustment of every system.

This is especially helpful for multiple stanzas, and it’s also helpful for it to be a different setting from minimum gaps in Layout Options (in my opinion).


I completely agree with this. I’d actually asked for something like this some time ago, although I worded it differently. In many scores with vocal lines, the notes in the staff right below the lyrics can often worm their way into the line of lyrics, making it difficult to read. A setting for the minimum distance below the [bottom] line of lyrics would be a welcome and necessary addition to the Engraving Options settings.


Having separate default values for “minimum distance from staff” for lyrics that are placed above a staff would be good too.

Just curious if this has been addressed yet. I have the same situation as what dankreider posted. I would love to have an option to have a setting that adjusts the distance between the last lyric line and the staff below automatically.

No, there’s no change in this area yet.