[FR] MixConsole - Enable Q-Link by default....

automatically, whenever you select/highlight more than one channel in the MixConsole. (and its toggled off when you de-select down to just one channel).

I do have a key command set up for this but, well, doing it in Studio One is just so nice and easy - no extra steps to take - highlight your channels and boom.! you just know its all going to work…

When you just hit the Q-Link button and forget it, isn’t that just what you want?

+1 to Puma

Thank you - you are right…! This will work - and as such, why could they not go the extra mile and make it enable, automatically…? Would still like to eliminate the need to switch it ‘on’ first… :slight_smile:

[EDIT] seems it is a global setting, so once enabled it will stay on whilst you open and close projects - as long as you don’t exit the program in-between times.

Thanks again for the prompt marQs.


This would be another superb example for a meaningful addtion into the program settings!

I like it like it is (to be enabled when required), probably just because I’m used to it - so I’d be the one who’d ask the opposite question “why do I always have to disable Q-Link?”… :laughing:

Ha…! Ok, as an option/preference setting it should be… :slight_smile: