[FR] More flexibility with wedge lines in PP

In the attached screenshot you see that I use wedge lines as cluster indications for a choir.

But I needed to create 3 different lines to achieve this, and for each line I needed to create a new line body.

I wish, I could’ve just chosen one wedge and adjust the following settings in the properties panel:

  • start width
  • end width
    [style (flat top, flat bottom, symmetrical)]

The last one isn’t the most crucial, but I think it would go in line with the other options one has for “normal” horizontal lines, where the flexibility is immense and the need to create new lines and line bodies for these small details not necessary.


Another feature that would be useful with wedges (especially with a specific middle width) would be the possibility to move endpoints and middle points purely vertically or horizontally in Engrave mode.
As of right now, moving the points in engrave modes rotates the wedges or separates them from each other.

I am especially interested in vertical positioning, as it would allow me to have wedges with for example two different angles on the upper and lower edge, but both pointing upwards. It would be even more effective for cluster notation.

Attached a picture of the kind of wedge I am talking about. I’d really like the lower edge to also be upward slanting, but not as steep as the upper edge.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-29 um 11.53.40.png

In the future we plan to provide a dedicated feature to display a series of notes or chords as a cluster, which I think would ultimately be the better way to address this requirement.

Thanks Daniel.
I still think my requests are valid, as this flexibility is necessary for college temporary music notation, even when the wedges don’t represent moving clusters.