FR: More flexible counting regions

Let me preface this by saying that I love the Numbered Bar Region feature and I use it all the time. Sometimes however, the thing one wants to count is not a single bar, but perhaps two bars:

(no points for guessing the piece…)

Alternatively, maybe the pattern is one measure in length, but straddling a barline so counting the bars is ambiguous. Or there’s some funky polymeter with a 7-beat pattern shifting across bars of 4/4. Currently, none of these cases can be numbered without resorting to tedious work with custom lines or staff text. Hence this humble request: to expand the existing functionality into a flexible Counting Region where one can:

  • specify exact start and end points anywhere in the rhythmic grid
  • specify the counting interval in # of quarter-notes
  • toggle brackets for clarity, like the above example

and, obviously, even apart from all those advanced ideas:

  • show/hide locally.

All of this of course without losing the existing properties like Count from, Count frequency and various things related to appearance.

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