FR: Move L/R cycle area with hand tool, in "Skip" mode?

When the L and R locators are swapped around (so L is to the right of R), the loop area in the timeline turns a different colour and playback will now skip that section defined instead of looping it (if cycle is enabled) . Very useful

My problem is that I cannot move this “skip” area with the hand tool (like I can when the locators are the other way round (in “loop” mode)) . So if I want to experiment by skipping different sections of the song, I have to set L and R individually each time, which is a PITA.

So (1) I’d like to be able to reposition the “skip” area by dragging with the hand tool.

Also (2) a key command to swap L and R positions with each other would be useful… it would allow you to effectively transform a loop area into a skip area and vice versa

Request one + 1. I’ve wished for that to work many times too.
Request 2 + 7.5 I’ve never thought of that one, but it would be very useful, especially if it could also be used in a macro.

Yes very useful - having determined which section of the song to skip, you could then swap the locators and then do “edit->range->cut time” to delete the section. At present, I have to reposition the L / R locators manually (error prone when they’re not on a snappable position)

Or alternatively they could allow “cut time” to work when the locators were “inverted”…


Yes , include me in, good idea


At least there must be at least a way to write a macro that will swap the values of the L and R locators…
but I can’t for the life of me figure it out (?) Anyone got any ideas?

Just for fun, taking a guess:

If you creat a dummy track, and then draw two dummy parts of any size on that dummy track so that:

  1. the 1st dummy part ends at the beginning of the skip region.
  2. the 2nd dummy part begins at the end of the skip region.

Then select the first part, and have a macro do:

a) right locator to end of selection
b) select next part (“N” is my hot key for that)
c) left locator to beginning of selection.

I guess even if it works, it’s a bit much effort …

+1 for more control over cycling.

Thanks alexis, nice try, but as you say it’s a lot of effort. Plus the dummy parts have to be in the correct location already, if not you would have to move them to the right place first, which seems like extra work.

There must be a more elegant solution (?)


Just kidding! :smiley: I’m just getting into macros, so I thought it’d be fun to at least think of how to do this.

Really, I’m just setting the bar low for the next guy with a suggestion - it’s got to look completely swellegant compared to mine! :laughing:

Got to say that this would be very useful feature in conjuction with the Arranger chain…nice one …+1 :smiley:

I finally figured out a macro that swaps the L and R locators around.

(all of the following commands are found under the “Transport” heading of the “key commands” window )

  1. Set Marker 8
  2. To Left Locator
  3. Set Marker 9
  4. To Right Locator
  5. Set Left Locator
  6. To Marker 9
  7. Set Right Locator
  8. To Marker 8

So this effectively turns the loop area into a skip area and vice versa :sunglasses:

Note: This uses markers 8 and 9 in order to preserve the current song cursor and as a temporary area for swapping the L/R values, so if your song uses these markers, they will be moved.

If anyone can do this without trashing the markers like mine does, I’d be pleased to hear from them