FR: Move Project Cursor along with mouse position.

An option to move Project Cursor along with horizontal mouse position.
Currently, you have to hold down SHIFT + OPTION keys and then left-mouseclick, to place the Project Cursor to horizontal mouse position.
This is a really ugly workflow killer IMHO.

Idea to implement the wanted option:
While Object Selection Tool is active, hold down SHIFT key.
You can then move your mouse horizontally and Project Cursor will follow the mouse position.

Why could this be so handy?:
There are quite alot of Cubase commands that depend on the Project Cursor (for instance: “Split At Cursor”).
If you wanna execute such a command, it would be way faster workflow to not first have to set the Project Cursor with SHIFT+OPTION+left-mouseclick.
“Split at Cursor” for instance, would work as “Split at Mouse” with my idea.

Warm Regards.