[FR] My top ten

I’m in post and music.
Here is my top ten future requests for today.
I think they aren’t new here, but I just need to write it down:

1 Dedicated single rectangular draw tool - I think it’s most simple and most popular figure in automation. Or other object oriented simple way to draw horizontal line right under selected object.
2 FLIP Object volume and Volume Automation - is very useful. I mean moving Object Volume/Envelope to Volume automation line and back.
3 Create Markers from video cuts
4 Snap to LR locators / Markers
5 ‘Show Track Versions’ button on tracks with more than one version. Obviously, we need to see what’s inside the tracks with versions.
6 Delete overlaps mode on track with lanes (independently from general settings)
7 Input routing on Loudness Track and loudness quick analysis process plugin.
8 More click options
9 Possibility to drag and copy/pasting macros command. Macros panel is not scalable now. Perhaps it’s better to open it in separate window with ’Always on top’ option to quickly check your new macros.
10 Separate Snap and Quantize panels on the top of project window.

  1. You can ask the video editor for a cmx edl and load it into a marker track…

What do you mean by (8) More click options?

fenderchris - something like that https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=237&t=90608

Oliver.Lucas - yes or I can ask my assistant to do it. But getting markers from video is just the short way.

Ah, metronome clicks.

I also vote for the Markers from Video. This could help when video editing has changed !!
EDL does not help with video animation.

You do know about the reconforming feature in Nuendo, don’t you?


  1. Yes the metronome is like something out of the 1980s. Drastically needs updating, along with SB programmers learning about Compound time and how that affects the grid.

I would also like to see improvements and less restrictions in multi channel use. I don’t have the latest Nuendo, so it may have improved, but currently using a plug like SPAT for multiple instruments is not really possible in Nuendo, without a huge workaround., The simple workaround is to use Pro Tools. :wink:


Yes, but I need Cubase (for music) and reconforming is not used in Short Animation films anyway, all the job is done in After Effect, and when they decide to add few frames here and there, it’s a nightmare !

yes it does.
Unless I am doing something very wrong for the last 6 months.



It could be that his experience is that the editors he works with simply won’t bother with EDLs in the first place. I just tried requesting EDLs for a 2 minute commercial that needed to be reconformed quickly, and I didn’t even get a response from the editor, just a new aaf/qt-reference video.

On a general note:

Perhaps it’s better to create different threads for different feature requests rather than create long lists in one thread. I’m just thinking that in terms of SB seeing any sort of “weight” to different requested features “+1’s” make threads longer which at least appears as more “weight” to a request. Seems easier than having to read through an entire thread to figure out what the requests are as well as if they’re seconded by others.

Just a thought…