While I use my mic in the same room as my speakers, I don’t want to have Nuendo to send its monitoring-signals at 0dB to my speakers when I switch my mic’s channel into record-ready- and monitor-mode. I need Nuendo’s monitoring-function in order to read the bargraphs-level, but not in order to hear its signal, that’s why I built a macro that also mutes a channel when I arm it, but I’d love to see Nuendo to be more clever in this? In Apple’s Logic one can set the channels’ fader to off’ while in record-ready automatically, and back to 0dB when in play-mode.

Thanks for listening.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Isn’t that what the direct monitoring option does?

You’re absolutely right, but I’m on Mac, which doesn’t support Asio-drivers for my hardware, and Direct Monitoring only works with Asio-drivers…
I hope Steinberg will implement something clever for this omission…?