(FR) New group track and FX track

These are things that have bothered me for a long time but I’ve become so used to them that I wasn’t thinking of them.

Why do group tracks have to go into the group folder? I have many projects that are 300 tracks or more and usually have to move my newly added groups. I rarely keep them in the group folder. I would love it if adding a new group would place it right where I was adding it.

Why can’t we load multiple FX tracks? I usually want to add several at a time when I am adding them and would love the choice.


+1 for the ‘group tracks’

+1 for both suggestions.

  • 2 X 1 as well for me.

I like that groups get created in the groups folder, it suits my workflow so I definetly don’t want it to change.

Multiple fx would be nice. See how PT deals with creating multiple tracks, pretty clever.

On smaller projects I find that I can leave the groups together but on larger ones, I need the groups with the audio tracks because I have to continually go back and forth between them. If I wanted groups to stay in the groups folder them I would create groups from that place. As it is now we have no choice.