[FR] No hovering needed to see mixer values.

+6.5 or 7

When I see this question I wonder whether the poster noticed the right click menu option 'Show As Separate Destination and Value. So I thought I would ask.

And what does that do?

It shows the value and the label both.

Sorry Steve, but I can not find that option. Where exactly is it?

For example, expand the Sends rack and right click on the rack name. “Show Sends As”

Got it. Thanks

Oh boy , it’s ugly (I knew that of corse).

How can they use so much space to show so little? A picture tells more than 1000 words, regarding the new mixer :blush:

PS. How about symbols + values? And not in a open/close rack section?

@ the OP - A BIG PLUS ONE +1

OP: +1000

Th “workaround” shown above consumes so much space that it is completely unusable

I would like to know if this feature has not been noticed by people, or if they have indeed checked it out.

I know I found it while I was exploring the update, and it doesn’t seem obvious. Also, I have not seen any mention of this in the forums. (though I might not have read every post) :wink:

I haven’t seen it before. I find a lot of the “hoovering” really really REALLY annoying!!! It’s a huge turn-off for me.

When I try to narrow the stereo field for instance I keep hitting the g-damn “pop-up” buttons, like every other click! Super SUPER annoying! (this is in the inspector for example).

So it’s no wonder if people don’t find this stuff out because it’s just so tedious to mess with the stuff.

I have seen it, but it only makes the mixer even more unbearable to “look at”/operate.

Is this all an attempt to break the “Touch Screen Community”? To fit our fat fingers?

PS. The phase switch/button should always be visible, as “the” phase symbol (Ø) with some not to bright color when engaged.
This is just an example of basic info that should not be hidden behind an open/close section (which also happen to take an inch of the screen).

I really hope this mixer will become Steinbergs “Vista”. They got to do something for sure :frowning:

I knew it but as I said find it unusable.

I found this feature by accident many months ago.
Tried it but went back to the other display mode.
Takes up too much space, and space is already at a premium.

So a big +1000 for no hovering to see values.

I agree to the OP.
BUT, learning the functionality of the mixer seems appropriate here.
Just because you dislike the current mixer concept (so did I, but I am slowly getting used to it apart from the hover crap), not bothering to understand the concept isn’t that smart if you don’t mind me saying so.

The function to see two rows is in there. And if you think the size of the expanded controls are to fat, try changing the vertical zoom, that’s what it was designed for.

I agree that it isn’t pretty, and that it is quite inadequate to give a good at a glance feedback, but at least it does work.

Regarding the Pre-section only one row is needed. There’s no real reason to write “High-Cut”, “Low-Cut” explicitly.
HC and LC would be enough for wider channels, and then the value on the same row.
For narrow channels HC/LC can be removed completely, so only the value is written.
The text is always the same and is in the mouseover tooltip anyway, if anyone would need it.

The same apply for “Gain” text, which could be removed depending on channel width.
So all Pre-values would then always be showed in 1 single row.

+1000 for no hovering to see values. Please, please, please.

…or there could simply be a third menu option for Pre-section: Show Setting only.

By the way, the Pre-section settings should always be shown in the Channel Settings window without hovering the labels, since there are room for it anyway.

I must say that back when I found this feature, I didn’t realize that each rack section
could be set independently. This helps. I have changed my templates now to show the
“Pre” and “Sends” sections as values. So Far so Good…