[FR] Notation+Tab improvements [resolved]

As a guitar teacher I would respectfully ask that “Layout option/players/fretted instruments” would be setup per flow and not per layout as now
If I want to have the intro of a song notation+TAB then
Verse, Chorus, Interlude as notation with Chord symbols and rythm slashes then
the guitar Solo again in Notation+TAB

this kind of flexibility is needed, it is a shame to have to workaround edit this in Affinity publisher.


Can you assign a guitar+TAB and a guitar-only instrument to the same player and control which shows where with frame breaks and flows?

Thanks for the workaround it seem to work with clarinet in C :laughing:
what where you meaning by guitar-only instrument does it exist?


If you add another player holding a guitar, then that player will appear separately in Layout Options so that you can specify whether the guitar should then appear only as notation, or only as tab, or as both notation and tab.


Thank you