FR: Notes behind slashes

It’s great that notes can be hidden behind slashes for playback, but unless I’m mistaken there’s no way to view those notes other than deleting the slashes, or clicking the slash and selecting Show Other Voices, neither of which I will want in the finished arrangement. It would be useful to have a View option to display notes behind slashes in Galley. They could even be greyed out to 25% opacity or something, but it definitely would be useful to have an easy way to see what is hidden behind the slashes. It could be specific to Galley as obviously any notes would have an effect on spacing in Page, but in Galley it wouldn’t matter. Something like this:

Of course beams and accidentals should be greyed out too. Anyway, thanks for considering unless there’s already an easy way to do this that I’m missing.

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Like this ideas also.

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The problem is that the notes “hidden” by the slashes are simply not there to be drawn any longer, and if Dorico were to draw them, it would need to do so in such a way as to not take them into consideration for rhythmic spacing purposes. That makes it quite complicated. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for this, I’m afraid.


Thanks for the explanation. I was hoping there was a way to sort of “Show Other Voices” but at a certain opacity %, and do all that visibility work behind the scenes. Dorico knows the notes are there when that is checked, I guess was wishing there was a way for the notes to have a sort of hybrid existence, partially visible in Galley, “simply not there” in Page. Oh well.