[FR] Nuage-Style Window Management & iPad App

I just looked at some videos of the Nuage system and kept looking at the monitors mounted above the Master and Fader Sections. This looks pretty great. I wish there was a mode for Nuendo to handle a second and third monitor like that!

As you don’t move windows on a Nuage system, Nuage manages windows for you. If you use the EQ, it only shows the EQ on screen and then closes it again to show the mixer. If you open a plugin, it opens that plugin, puts it front and center and maps all controls to rotary encoders. It’s really cool. You don’t have to open windows, find a spot, move them somewhere and they constantly hide something or are under other windows that have “always on top” configured. So the screen always looks tidy and clean. If we could enable such a mode for a second monitor to only show relevant stuff and let Nuendo auto-manage them, I think this would be sweet.

Also, I noticed configurable buttons on the Master Section. You can configure buttons that replace keyboard shortcuts and name them. You don’t have to remember shortcuts you have buttons on a screen you can quickly access and do complex stuff easily. It looked a bit like the PT Control app in Softkeys mode. To have an app where you could just place your excessive key commands in the form of a button and trigger it without having to remember the menu it’s in or shortcut would be really nice too.

Nuage looks really cool.

“IC Pro”? Would that do what you want?

Maybe, but I heard IC Pro is quite a bad app, so I’m hesitant to get it for that price.

On the other hand, PT Control works great with iPad and Nuendo, but customizing the shortcuts and layout is a nightmare. It’s so convoluted and complicated that I just gave up. It’s like sucking raw eggs through a very thin straw. And it only works with things present in the EuCon protocol, not with Nuendo macros.

I see. I at one point installed the Android version while it was in beta, and of course they killed that app pretty shortly after it was released :frowning: I’d hope they’d do a Win 10 Universal app instead, but I’m sure they’d kill that one as well.

Either way I support your goal of having a better touch-app, although I think the more effective way of doing so would be to get them to change the current app to make it better. I’m pretty sure they won’t develop a second iPad app any time soon.

In the mean time, you could consider getting a programmable keyboard/pad with legendable buttons. I’ve had one that’s been partially used for years, and there are some benefits to it. I chose a “Preh Keytech MCI 84”, which I believe is German. Not sure if they make them any longer. At any rate, it’ll do key presses and macros, and has a layer functionality that allows multiple functions on one key depending on the layer.

I think other point-of-sale keyboards are similarly programmable with legendable buttons, as are some gaming keyboards. The key (pun intended) to it is having the keyboards contain memory that is non-volatile so they hold the macros internally and not in software. That makes them transportable between systems (assuming your Nuendo key commands are the same).

The one drawback with this approach is that it’s a two-piece ‘system’, where you on the one hand have this external keyboard and your programming, and on the other Steinberg. You can of course control what you do, but not what Steinberg does. So there’s the possibility that you set it up and it works one version and the next you’ll lose some of what you’ve programmed. I had some semi-elaborate macros stop working because of the way they decided to do the window layouts in the recent versions, and I just couldn’t get it to work the same way again.

Thanks! Hardware keyboards are something I haven’t yet explored. Didn’t know such special keyboards even existed. As long as you can put labels on the keys it’s cool. The whole point being not having to remember all the shortcuts and coming up with new ones for some other task you do in editing a lot. So a shortcut keyboard could better be labelled :wink:

Does anybody know of a software solution? A simple window where you could draw your buttons and tell the software what shortcuts to trigger when pressed? I think I would not even need a hardware piece (my space is quite limited). I’d just like something to click directly rather than wading through menus or remembering the shortcut. I’ll have a look around.

Check if Devil Technologies have ported “dTools” to Cubase/Nuendo. I think it may have been in the works, but I’m not sure. The “dTouch” software is out as far as I know…

Have you looked at lemur? Www.liine.net iPad/iPhone app. Not perfect but if you like touch surfaces it is very competent.

For now I actually but the bullet and bought IC Pro. It’s maybe the cheapest of all options (buying hardware, etc) and it integrates well with Nuendo. I feared it would be a bad choice as I’ve read lots of not so positive things about the app.

But I have to say, for what I’d like to use the app (i.e. surfacing shortcuts as buttons on a screen), it’s the perfect solution that works well. You can search by menu item name and quickly color them. Only drag and drop for re-arrangement is missing, but configuration of shortcuts is SO much easier than in EuControl. Yeah you don’t have control over the channel strip, cannot load plugins into inserts or control the EQ with a graphical interface but again that’s not what I was looking for. It’s an expensive solution for what I wanted it to so (having some buttons instead of shortcuts) but it works and I’m happy for now :slight_smile:

If only this app was updated more frequently with new features. In the forums there’s no shortage on ideas. Android was abandoned, iOS is still sold but updates are far and few between. A shame.