[FR?] Nuendo Mulit-touch for MultiTouchMonitors

Steven Slate just announced a big 46 inch touch screen that uses a proprietary software that allows for the multi-touch input of the monitor to control multiple parameters simultaneously in DAWs.

It seems to me perfectly reasonable to have the DAW itself acknowledge multi-touch instead. This way one could use any multi-touch monitor to achieve the same or similar results. So:

Does Steinberg have any plans on coding the app to support multi-touch (-monitor) input?

Not all at once guys… geez you Steinberg people and your overzealous participation…

I was about to ask Steinberg about touch screen situation as well, especially with the release of Windows 8.

I too, am curious about the enhancements Steinberg could apply to Nuendo in regards to multitouch and use of computer/tablets.

Imagine a windows 8 pro tablet with an external monitor running Nuendo or Nuendo Live. An adapted GUI could very well be all we need. Multi track record arming while adjusting the faders of a couple of tracks at the same time.
Multiselection of tracks and sending them in a group with a simple wipe. Applications are numerous and would be a real usage bonus.
The inventor of the vst technology could well lead again in terms of innovations.

A nighmare compared to the minimalistic movements I need to do with a mouse.
Even the KB-mouse combination, as is, is handier to me, too.
I found working with touchscreens a nuisance. Did it for a week… not on a DAW, though.
I cannot recommend it. My favorite tool would be the ID from WK-Audio.

Big K


Well, yes, I’d prefer an ID from WK as well, providing it works as well as people say (since I can’t frickin’ demo the thing 'cause it’s not in stock anywhere in the US).

The thing is that some will prefer touch control. For people like me who would like a hybrid, it’d be a pretty nice combination to have a controller of your choice plus solid touch response in the DAW. And one can actually imagine situations in which one travels perhaps and then have the option to still do multi-touch fader moves on the screen.

Hi Guys,
Yes of course a WK-AUdio for me as well as a first choice. :smiley:
But as Lydiot mentioned, portability comes to mind with the tablets (I’ve tried an ID years ago ad it sure didn’t looked like it would fit in a bag or a suitcase or a pelicase…).
When you look at the latest generation of controllers, there is a touchscreen as well as the faders.
This is the the place where multiple functions (macros, layers of fucntions etc, can be excecuted).
It is indeed a complimentary section to the physical part of the surface.

And controllers aside, I think there is a place to occupy for Steinberg or any DAW/Electronic music instruments makers with the advent of touch screens.
The Gui needs a rethink/overhaul, that’s it. Imagine you press a knob and it zooms, rendering the rotation or adjustement more precise). Selecting tracks for grouping, send adjustment on multiple tracks etc…

I’m not advocationg the full tablet scenario here, merely a combination of old and new possibilities.
Tablet, mouse, keyboard, controllers, screens, I can’t take them all !

Somethings happened. Maybe not exactly what you guys wanted :slight_smile: But there is direct path that Steinberg knows about touch devices and wanting to be part of it… https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cubasis/id583976519?mt=8

Holy cow ! This Cubasis on Ipad is a welcome addition to the Steinberg line of software. Thanks Tomas.

No Bredo, I woudn’t see myself mixing a big project on a tactile surface for sure, but anyway, it seems the new mixer design is somehow already on the touch friendly road (resize feature).
Now, what’s the price of the Nuage (yummy !) controller ?

Touch screens and gesture input are the future of computing, and DAWs are very much computer based.

Looking for the DAW to distance itself in order to make one seem more pro isn’t going to accomplish any professional aspirations. If just having “different” gear were the only definition of “professional” (industry and client requirements aside), everyone here would have a ProTools HDX rig and System 5 in each of at least 4 rooms or stages.

I am considering moving my studio to touch screens and Win8 running Nuendo/Cubase at some point next year. There are many aspects to the touch screen environment that do in fact speed up work, and could be very beneficial in the studio. I’ve spent enough time with the touch screen concept, and Win8 to see quite a lot of advantages. If you own any controller with a touch screen, that should be obvious - not to replace real faders and knobs, but speed up a lot of other work that happens around grabbing that fader.

The problem to solve (and it isn’t a big one really), is desktop ergonomics, not the technology itself. That’s where I think developers need to start looking at shorter depth controller options (12"/25cm or less front to back). Put high quality 16 faders, knobs, qwerty kbd and track ball in a controller bed with easy access to 24" touch screens. Designed so we can use each for what it does best - real faders up front when a touch screen just doesn’t make sense, and touch screen right behind those when a mouse/kbd is the slower approach. Maybe some time early next year I’ll create a graphic illustration of what I’m describing.

It seems to me Steinberg is headed towards the multi-touch world with the new mixer design, and think it is a good idea. Many studios have already implemented iPads into their workflow in some form. Steven Slate certainly thinks touch screens are the next stage for the pro, so this is hardly a novel idea, or a toy fad. I really don’t see bedroom amateurs buying one of his consoles.

SmartAV integrated a good sized touch screen into Tango a few years ago. This doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. Like all technological advances, you have to choose to embrace new ideas in order to benefit from them. Some won’t have any interest in the touch screen concept, but you have to do what works best for you.

+1 here for multitouch support if it isn’t in N6 already.

OK, next fresh news from YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC_LlBn6WH0&list=PLcZ1vtdmuI2N15OPBmC3tSbgaOb0CjUIw

But I am afraid that support for Nuendo is not on way (and why if we pay 4x times more :smiley: - sarcasm)… Same as Cubasis support for Nuendo.