FR: Number layouts sequentially regardless of type

I would really prefer that default layout numbering or “Renumber layouts” simply numbers them 1, 2, 3, etc, regardless of whether they’re score or part layouts. The reason I use layout numbers in the PDF export name is because I want the files to be listed exactly as they appear in the layout list. But if there’s a combination of part, score, and custom layouts, the numbering is confusing (IMO).

Rather than having mutliple 01 or 02 layout numbers (one for the first score layout and one for the first part layout), I think a simple numerical sequence would be much easier.

Thanks for considering!


+1 for this!

For now, my workaround if I have one Full score layout and the rest is Instrumental part layouts, I put them in order, run the “Renumber layouts” command in the top menu, expand the last layout (that is the one with the highest number), remember its number, push the upward pointing arrow until the number reaches 1 and finally input the remembered number + 1 into the box using my keyboard.

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This has been requested before and it’s something on our list for consideration in future versions.