[FR] Offline Off-the-Nuendo process possible?


I am wondering if there is a way to work on an event outside Nuendo without having to export/reimport it.
An example would be working in the stand alone version of Izotope RX Spectral Repair which allows you to view the whole event rather then the only 10 seconds possible in offline process of Nuendo.

So, if I want to repair/work on an event from the pool and I want to use an outside program, is it possible to do this from Nuendo (offline Off-the-Nuendo process) or you just have to export the event and then reimport it?


Hi, I also just know the ex/import-way, what we need strongly (and discussed this several times in old nuendo forum) is a manual audio refresh-function, which will recalculate waveform und refresh audio-playback after extern changes in source file (or is there any tool in between?)

Here is my workaround:
Create a shortcut for ‘bounce selection’
Create a shortcut for a simple plugin which can be used without changing material (like reset EQ)
Create an audiotrack called ‘_restore’

Then just drag the file you want to work on onto this track, and hit your bounce-key (then autom. replace event).
Open RX, it will be easy to locate your last file (example: _restore-15) in project audio folder (and RX will remember this folder), do your restauration and save.
Back in Nuendo, since there is still no audio “refresh”-function, I quickly process an EQ (‘reset’) onto the file.
That’s it.


Though that’s a clever work-around. I must try it.

What is needed are two commands: “open in external editor”, and “refresh audio”.

A long missed feature.


Remember Cubase VST?



Yes, I do. :-/



long request