[FR] Offline plug-in processing behavior

If I’m missing something I apologize. It could be the case.

1. Give the user control over more than just the plug-in while the plug-in is open.

Exactly what it sounds like. When the plug-in is open I can now only work on the plug-in itself. There are cases when this is not desirable.

For example: If I’m working on a project I may elect to do de-noising offline rather than realtime. Using iZotope RX, I’d want to select two separate pieces of audio in my project - the first being a piece of room tone only for the plug-in to “learn” the noise profile, and the second being the piece of audio I actually want to process. This isn’t possible at the moment.

2. Don’t close the plug-in automatically after processing.

Exactly what it sounds like. Expanding on the example above: Once I’m done with one set of files I want to move quickly to the next set that have a different room tone/noise profile.

As it stands now I have to go through the following for offline de-noising:

a) find a piece of room tone
b) instantiate de-noise plugin and hit learn
c) play the room tone, stop,
d) hit learn again, save preset, close plugin
e) select audio for offline process
f) open offline de-noise plugin
g) load preset
h) process

repeat all above steps for other noise profiles…

Or am I missing something here? I didn’t find anything in the manual about this. I honestly don’t really comprehend why the programmers would limit us this way…

In PT I simply leave, for example;

a) open plugin
b) select tone and press “learn”
c) select region to process, then process

that’s it.

+1 for a PT-similar style

My actual workaround:
You do not have to save the profiles as a new preset, since RX (and also Waves x/z-noise) remember the last noise print.
In addition I have all my restauration plugs assigned to a simple shortcut, so i just have to select the event, hit keystroke, apply setting, select next event, hit keystroke, etc…

Well, I still have to select noise, open plugin, learn, close, select to denoise, open plugin, process, right? So you’re saying the second time I do it I can just open plugin and process with the last profile, yes?

Well, if the material is consistent, which it often isn’t, then I could just process the “underlying” file that all clips are referencing, and/or simply highlight all and process all once.

But either way it doesn’t solve the problem that I still have to open for every new noise profile I encounter.

Are other people not bothered by this?

Bump for one of our wonderful Steinberg employees to confirm they’ve seen this feature request - something I know is doomed to failure (communication again)… but hey, call me a glass-half-full person…

+1 Totally needed!

To be quite honest, I would prefer non destructive (live) plugins per clip or snapshot automation…


One doesn’t exclude the other, and as I said, I can’t imagine that fixing this undesired behavior would entail much programming at all (just don’t close the plugin).

You should start a Feature Request thread about what you want to see.

True, one does not exclude the other. What I wanted to express is that the year 2012 produces so unbelievably fast computers that offline rendering would be a thing of the past for me if only Nuendo was more flexible with realtime stuff. I don’t think I need to start a feature request now, the feature set for N6 is probably pretty locked now.


Needed, been requested before. C’mon Timo, tell us this is on your radar.


Bump for recognition.



Thanks for the bump;

Officially we can report feature requests in the forum.

However there isn’t any indication that anyone at SB has actually seen the feature request and that it therefore will be considered for future versions.

In addition SB won’t talk about acknowledging feature requests.

The year is 2012…

Just going to keep bumping this back up to the top.

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and here’s one just for you Timo.

That worked well…

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