FR: Offset/adjustment property for dynamics

This seems a bit close. All default values, as far as I can tell. I have a zillion of these in one particular project.


This is actually sort of a feature request, or at least a suggestion. I will probably manually offset the dynamic slightly to the left, and maybe slightly higher:


This sort of thing happens all the time in choral music, especially in open score. I’d love to see a “horizontal adjustment” property for dynamics, similar to the lyric adjustment property, which might allow dynamics to nestle closer to the staff with a slight horizontal offset to the left. Something like “set maximum horizontal adjustment to X spaces.”

Or perhaps the a related solution is setting a minimum padding value for tuplet numbers.


Are you using Dynamics/Horizontal Position/“Align optical center with center of notehead” here? You might want to try “align optical center with left-hand side.”

I’m confused, Dan. There’s already a text alignment property for dynamics (that overrides the Engraving Option that Todd’s mentioned). There’s also a “Beat-relative position” property for dynamics that allows you to nudge dynamics left by a predetermined value (that depends on a user-adjustable Engraving Option).

Are you perhaps suggesting that you’d like some equivalent of the lyric Engraving Option that controls the automatic lateral position of lyrics, but for dynamics?

What I’m suggesting is an automatic slight horizontal adjustment for situations like this. Dorico sees that something’s too close, and it nudges it to the left based on the maximum value permitted.

I don’t want to change global values for dynamic alignment on the notehead, as the current values do me just fine. This would be an “automatic nudge when it’s needed” sort of thing.