FR: Offset Fermatas


When Dorico eventually implements playback of fermati, will there be a way to offset them as in the Debussy example attached? (735 KB)

At sight I’m not actually entirely sure how that is supposed to sound, so I can’t say for certain. I anticipate that you will be able to specify the position at which the fermata takes effect, the length of the pause, and any gap before resumption of playback.

The Oboe is supposed to hold (longer than a beat) while the other instruments drop out underneath and then lengthen their rests to make up for the soloist’s length of hold. I’ve tried to figure out a manual workaround in Play, but I have not yet found the inspired solution I seek.

(This was originally a piano piece, of course, in which one player made all the decisions.)

Yes, I’m familiar with the piano pieces, of course, but not with this particular orchestration.

Regardless of orchestration, I think the challenge would be the same. I did go back and look at the piano score and notice that the hold do not appear there; I guess it’s just the way I always played it.

I would imagine a similar situation might come up in cadenzas as well. I admit it is likely a relatively rare situation.