FR: offset for tick barlines

I would love it if we were able to either nudge barlines in engrave mode or set an offset value (even better) for partial barlines that occur at the end of a stave. Notating it like the attached example makes it substantially easier to spot.

(and it may not be “correct” for certain contexts, but it definitely makes sense in a liturgical/chant context and I’ve seen it in many hymnals.)

Yes, I agree this would be helpful. I’ll make a note of it and I will think about how we might be able to implement it in a future version.

You are the best.

For anyone finding this thread in the future, prior to any official implementation, it IS possible to fake this, but it’s a pain:

1• Input your music as expected.
2• Set your stave breaks where it makes sense.
3• Switch back to write mode and add an extra measure after each tick barline. “Remove Rests” for that measure. If the measure is too big by default, switch it to something like 1/4 and then remove rests.
4• Assuming you do not use dashed barlines anywhere else in the project, end your dummy measure with a dashed barline and set the dash length in engrave mode to ‘0’ so no dashes are rendered.
5• Using the note spacing tool you can now nudge the stave to look correct by contracting the dummy measure thus brining the tick barline closer to the end of the stave.

This is also how you can render traditional chant staves where the music stops mid-stave with a double barline but the stave is ruled all the way to the margin.

It is a lot of work though. Takes a minute to get it looking nice.
Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.07.52 AM.png

Another example:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.13.16 AM.png