[FR] On Importing track data - a find same track names

A super amazing time saving feature for our workflow would go something like this. Think how cool this would be for TRACK VERSION HISTORY.

On importing track archives or tracks from sessions can we have an option where NUENDO would automatically find the exact same track names of the ones importing in. Since they will than already appear as a new TRACK Version on the same track names, imagine if it also had an option to automatically create a SAME TRACK VERSION ID on import. So for example say you are importing a SFX Edit session that will be updating but will likely keep the same track layout (from template). Now Every time there is updates you can import it in this way and than have a quick way to quickly check out V1, V2. V3. etc. every weeks progress etc and keep history ALA version history software, in case you want to go back to an earlier session that changed live in your session. Of course you can filter all of this out when you move into the full mixing stage to clean things out. But could be helpful during the creative stages.

This is all assuming you might be working with a lighter version of Nuendo for other simpler tasks (Cubase elements, Cubase pro, etc),

lets face it we all can’t have multiple Nuendo licenses to run the amazing network features, we have 2 Nuendo Licenses but also a cubase 9 pro and some artist versions. However this still has the advantage of keeping track version history versus the way the networking works with changes and the networking can be a bit fustrating at times if you don’t know how to properly use it, took a while to really learn the ins and outs of it.

Please please consider this Steiny. Much appreciated.